Is Apple Pay Accepted At IHOP Locations?

Key Takeaways

  • You can use Apple Pay at IHOP, whether dining in or grabbing takeout.
  • Just open the Wallet app on your iPhone to pay.
  • Hold your device near the reader, confirm, and you’re all set.
  • Apple Pay means you don’t have to touch anything else – it’s cleaner that way.
  • Plus, it speeds up the whole payment deal, making things easier for everyone.


Lately, more people are using digital ways to pay, and this change is really shaping how we eat out. Take IHOP, for example. They’ve started accepting Apple Pay. This move makes it easier for folks to pay their bills and fits well with the need for less contact when paying, especially important since the pandemic hit. But what does this mean for us when we go out to eat at IHOP in the future?

First off, it makes the whole process of paying a lot smoother. No more fumbling for your wallet or worrying if you’ve got enough cash. Just a quick tap with your phone, and you’re set. This could mean less time waiting around when you’re done eating.

Does IHOP Accept Apple Pay?

does ihop take apple pay

Yes, IHOP accepts Apple Pay as a payment option for both dine-in and takeout services

IHOP lets you pay with Apple Pay, whether dining in or grabbing takeout. It’s a quick and secure way to pay right from your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Here’s how it works:

  • Just open your Wallet app.
  • Hold your device near the contactless reader.
  • Confirm with Touch ID or Face ID.

You’ll know the payment went through when you hear a beep or see a checkmark. This method is fast and cuts down on the need to touch surfaces, which is excellent for keeping things clean and safe.

ihop apple pay

Advantages of Using Apple Pay at IHOP

Contactless and secure payment

IHOP now offers Apple Pay, making it easier and safer for customers to pay for their meals. With Apple Pay, payments are faster and more secure thanks to a couple of smart features. First, it uses tokenization, which means it swaps your card details with a unique digital code. This really cuts down on fraud risk. Plus, there’s no need to touch anything, which keeps things clean and hygienic, significant these days.

Apple Pay works with NFC technology, or Near Field Communication. This just means you can pay by holding your phone near the payment terminal, no swiping or inserting your card needed. It’s quick and secure.

Convenience of paying from your table

At IHOP, you can pay with Apple Pay right from your table. It makes everything quicker. You don’t have to wait for a server to bring the bill or fumble with cash and cards.

Just use your Apple device to pay easily and safely. This saves time and cuts down on the need to handle things or interact too much. With Apple Pay, you can relax more and just enjoy your meal and the people you’re with. No need to worry about the usual payment hassle.

Easy to find nearby locations and order delivery through the app

IHOP’s app makes it easy for customers to find nearby locations and order delivery. This handy feature lets you use Apple Pay, making the whole dining process smoother. You can quickly choose what you want to eat and pay securely with just a few taps on your phone. This not only saves you time but also keeps your payment information safe.

Here’s a quick look at what the app offers:

  • Location Finder: Quickly find a nearby IHOP. This makes everything more convenient.
  • Meal Selection: Browse the menu quickly and save time deciding.
  • Secure Payment: Pay with Apple Pay for enhanced security.
  • Order Tracking: Get real-time updates on your order, so you know exactly when it’ll arrive.
  • Delivery Options: Choose from different delivery methods to suit your needs.


To sum it up, IHOP now accepts Apple Pay, which really steps up the convenience and safety for customers. This move fits right into the bigger picture of using contactless payments, showing IHOP’s commitment to keeping things modern and secure.

By bringing in this kind of payment technology, IHOP is not just keeping up with what customers want; they’re also making the whole dining process smoother and cleaner. It’s an intelligent way to stay ahead in the ever-changing world of restaurant services.

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