The Latest Cook Out Menu Prices For 2024

Key Takeaways

  • Check Cook Out’s website for the latest 2024 menu prices.
  • Use the Cook Out app for up-to-date prices and to order on the go.
  • Look at UberEats or similar services for the latest prices.
  • Follow Cook Out on social media for news on prices and promotions.
  • Call your local Cook Out as prices can differ by location.


Cook Out, a favorite in the South, stands out in the fast-food market with its extensive menu of grilled burgers, classic sides, and tasty milkshakes. It has proliferated across many states, showing how much customers love it. Started in North Carolina, Cook Out promotes a relaxed, quality-first approach that matches the Southern tradition of warm hospitality and good food.

This focus on quality at low prices lets Cook Out hold its own in a crowded market. Known for satisfying, flavorful food and fast, friendly service, Cook Out is a popular spot for Southern comfort food.

Popular Menu Items at Cook Out

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Burgers, chicken, hot dogs, BBQ, quesadillas

Cook Out’s most popular items include burgers, chicken, hot dogs, BBQ, and quesadillas. They are all rich in flavor and made from quality ingredients. The burgers are delicious, made with fresh beef that’s never been frozen and cooked over a char-grill.

  • You can choose from a variety of chicken dishes, from spicy crispy sandwiches to soft chicken strips.
  • The hot dogs are customizable with different toppings.
  • The BBQ, a favorite in the South, is slow-cooked to get a deep smoky taste.
  • The quesadillas, filled with either chicken or beef, mix spices and cheese in a crispy tortilla.
  • Cook Out focuses on both variety and quality.

Fries and sides

Cook Out’s fries and sides perfectly match any main dish. You can choose from Regular Fries, cajun fries, or Cheese Fries. Each has its own unique seasoning that enhances the main meal.

For something different, try the Onion Rings, or pick Fresh Brewed Tea for a healthier option. The menu has a wide range of choices, making it easy for everyone to find something they like.

Fancy milkshakes, floats, drinks, and desserts

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  • Fancy Milkshakes: Cook Out offers about 40 milkshake flavors, with favorites like Peach Cobbler and Mocha. Each shake is thick and creamy.
  • Floats: Choices like the Cheerwine Float and Coke Float mix classic sodas with vanilla ice cream for a refreshing treat.
  • Cheesecakes: These are available in different flavors, making them a great way to end a meal.
  • Seasonal Drinks: Specials like the Pumpkin Pie milkshake come out seasonally, offering unique flavors that fit the season.

Discovering the Latest Cook Out Menu Prices for 2024

Factors that affect menu prices

These factors can change significantly, leading to adjustments in how prices are set. Here’s a more straightforward breakdown:

  1. Ingredient Costs: Changes in the cost of meat, dairy, and vegetables directly impact the prices on the menu.
  2. Labor Expenses: If the minimum wage goes up or if there are changes in the number of employees, it can cause menu prices to change.
  3. Market Demand: If a menu item becomes very popular, its price might go up.
  4. Operational Costs: Costs like rent, utilities, and building maintenance also influence menu prices.

Possible changes in prices for 2024

Looking ahead to 2024, Cook Out might change its menu prices due to changes in the economy and the cost of ingredients like beef, poultry, and dairy. As the prices of these goods go up and down in global markets, Cook Out might adjust its prices to keep up with these costs while still offering affordable meals.

Higher wages for workers and transportation costs could also affect prices. Cook Out, known for its exemplary, cheap food, wants to keep offering great value.

Customers might see small price hikes, especially for unique and premium dishes, as Cook Out continues to focus on quality and affordability.

Where to Find and Check Cook Out Menu Prices

Online platform

If you prefer other methods, here are some options:

  1. Official Mobile App: Download the Cook Out app on Android or iOS to see menu prices, order food, and get updates right on your phone.
  2. Social Media Pages: Follow Cook Out on Facebook and Instagram for the newest promotions and menu changes.
  3. Food Delivery Services: Use services like UberEats or DoorDash to view the menu and prices.
  4. Online Food Blogs and Review Sites: Websites like Yelp and TripAdvisor often have user reviews, including pricing and menu suggestions.

Restaurant location

Cook Out has 290 restaurants in 10 states. To check the latest menu prices, visit your local Cook Out. Each location offers a menu that suits local tastes but is generally consistent. Prices and items might vary by location. It’s best to go directly to a Cook Out near you for the most current details. You might also find special deals or limited-time offers not advertised online.


Cook Out offers a great dining experience with its wide-ranging menu and low prices. The 2024 pricing guide shows that Cook Out keeps its promise of affordability, especially with popular items like the Big Double Burger and various trays. The menu now includes new milkshake flavors and wrap options, meeting customers’ changing tastes while keeping the classics.

With more stores opening across the U.S., Cook Out’s popularity is growing, and it remains committed to reaching more communities. For anyone looking for tasty, affordable meals in a welcoming setting, Cook Out is an excellent choice that guarantees both satisfaction and a pleasant dining experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cook Out Offer Vegetarian or Vegan Options?

Cook Out mainly serves meat dishes. It has some vegetarian items, like the Cheese Quesadilla, but there are hardly any vegan options.

Can Cook Out Menu Items Be Customized for Allergies?

Cook Out can adjust menu items for allergies. Tell the staff about your allergies to ensure your meal is safe and meets your needs.

Are There Any Seasonal or Limited-Time Offers at Cook Out?

Cook Out often adds seasonal and limited-time items to their menu. These special offers include flavors and themes that match different times of the year, drawing in customers who want something new along with the usual favorites.

Does Cook Out Provide Catering Services for Events?

Cook Out caters for events, serving trays, burgers, and barbecue. They adjust their services to fit different event sizes.

What Are Cook Out’s Policies on Food Sustainability and Sourcing?

Cook Out focuses on sustainability by using local suppliers and eco-friendly methods. The restaurant ensures its food comes from responsible sources, helping local businesses and promoting sustainable farming.

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