Birds Name In Hindi And English: Comprehensive List Of 50+ Species

Knowing bird names in both Hindi and English isn’t just about adding words to our vocabulary. It helps us connect more deeply with nature and our cultural roots.

This big list of over 100 bird species acts like a bridge between languages, helping people from different backgrounds talk about and care for nature together. By learning these names, we grow our appreciation for both the variety of life and the variety of human cultures, which is key to protecting our environment and enriching education.

Each bird’s name has its own story and meaning that crosses age and culture. Diving into this can teach us a lot about the importance of these birds, both symbolically and environmentally.

Birds travel long distances when they migrate, connecting different ecosystems by spreading seeds, which helps to keep nature diverse and resilient.

Importance of Knowing the Names of Birds

Knowing the names of birds in Hindi and English really matters. It helps us feel closer to nature and pushes us to protect birds better.

When we know a bird’s name, we can talk about them more clearly, both within our own community and with others.

Plus, understanding these names helps us appreciate our culture and the cultures of others.

Connection to nature and conservation

Getting to know bird names helps us connect with nature and see why we need to protect it. When people learn to spot and name different birds, they start to understand all the different kinds of life around them and how these birds fit into the environment. This knowledge makes people care more about the environment and want to help save it.

Knowing the names makes nature feel more personal. It changes how we see problems with the environment, making them feel closer and more urgent. Also, when we can name something, we care more about it. We feel like it’s our job to look after things we know by name. This is really important for helping to save our planet.

Cultural significance

Knowing bird names is really important in many cultures. It connects us to our past and the stories that have been told for generations. Birds often mean more than just being birds in many places. They can stand for freedom, spiritual power, or even serve as warnings. Their names are full of old tales and important meanings.

Take the Peacock, or ‘Mor’ as it’s called in Hindi. It’s a big deal in Indian stories and is linked to the goddess Saraswati. This bird stands for things like wisdom and patience.

When we learn about these names, it’s not just about knowing more birds. It actually ties us closer to where we come from, and it builds a bridge between past and present through these stories.

It’s pretty cool how learning something as simple as bird names can make us feel proud of our heritage and help keep these traditions alive, passing them down from one generation to the next.

Ease of communication

Knowing bird names in different languages, like Hindi and English, helps everyone talk more clearly and effectively about wildlife. This is really useful for researchers and teachers who work with people who speak different languages. It helps them gather and share information accurately.

For birdwatchers and nature lovers, it makes it easier to share what they see and connect with people from various backgrounds. Also, knowing the exact species of birds is key to helping protect them. When everyone can talk about the same bird using the right name, it helps in working together to save them.

S. NoEnglish NameHindi NameImage
1House Sparrowगौरैया
2Common MynaमैनाCommon Myna photo
3Rock PigeonकबूतरRock Pigeon image
4Indian PeafowlमोरIndian Peafowl photo
5Red-vented Bulbulलाल कंधेरी बुलबुलRed-vented Bulbul photo
6Oriental Magpie RobinदयालOriental Magpie Robin image
7Indian Robinकाली चिड़ीIndian Robin bird image
8Asian KoelकोयलAsian Koel bird photo
9Indian RollerनीलकंठIndian Roller bird image
10Rose-ringed ParakeetतोताRose-ringed Parakeet bird image
11Black DrongoकोतवालBlack Drongo bird photo
12White-throated Kingfisherसफेद गले वाला किंगफिशरWhite-throated Kingfisher bird image
13ShikraशिकराShikra bird image
14Jungle BabblerसातभाईJungle Babbler bird photo
15Brahminy Starlingब्राह्मणी मैनाBrahminy Starling bird image
16Common Tailorbirdटेलरबर्डCommon Tailorbird bird photo
17Purple Sunbirdजांबू रंग सनबर्डPurple Sunbird bird image
18House CrowकौआHouse Crow bird photo
19Large-billed Crowबड़ा कौआLarge-billed Crow bird image
20Asian Pied StarlingअबाबीलAsian Pied Starling bird photo
21Green Bee-eaterहरा मधुमक्खी खाने वालाGreen Bee-eater bird image
22Barn SwallowअबाबीलBarn Swallow bird photo
23Red-wattled LapwingटिटहरीRed-wattled Lapwing bird image
24Indian CormorantपनकौवाIndian Cormorant bird photo
25Little Egretछोटा बगुलाLittle Egret bird image
26Cattle Egretगौ बगुलाCattle Egret bird photo
27Little Grebeछोटा तैराकlittle_grebe bird image
28Indian Pond HeronकांकेरीIndian Pond Heron bird photo
29Little Cormorantछोटा पनकौवाLittle Cormorant bird image
30Black-headed Ibisकाली सिर वाली बगुलाBlack-headed Ibis bird image
31Glossy Ibisचमकदार बगुलाGlossy Ibis bird photo
32Painted Storkचित्रित सारसPainted Stork bird photo
33Black-winged Stiltकाला पंख स्टिल्टBlack-winged Stilt bird image
34Great Egretबड़ा बगुलाGreat Egret bird image
35Asian Openbill Storkएशियाई खुले बिल वाला सारसAsian Openbill Stork bird image
36Woolly-necked Storkऊनी गले वाला सारसWoolly-necked Stork bird image
37Black-necked Storkकाला गले वाला सारसBlack-necked Stork bird photo
38White Ibisसफेद बगुलाWhite Ibis bird
39Spot-billed Duckचित्तीदार बत्तखSpot-billed Duck bird
40Eurasian Spoonbillयूरोपीय चम्मच बगुलाEurasian Spoonbill indian bird photo
41Northern Pintailउत्तरी पिनटेलNorthern Pintail bird image
42Northern Shovelerउत्तरी शोवेलरNorthern Shoveler bird photo
43Common Tealआम टीलCommon Teal bird image
44Cotton Pygmy Gooseकपास सूक्ष्म हंसCotton Pygmy Goose bird photo
45Lesser Whistling Duckछोटा सीटी बजाने वाला बत्तखLesser Whistling Duck bird image
46Little Ringed Ploverछोटा वलयित प्लोवरLittle Ringed Plover bird image
47Kentish Ploverकेंटिश प्लोवरKentish Plover bird photo
48Pheasant-tailed Jacanaतीतर-पूंछ जैकानाPheasant-tailed Jacana bird image
49Bronze-winged Jacanaकांस्य पंख वाला जैकानाBronze-winged Jacana bird photo
50Indian Peafowlमोरindian peafowl


In short, knowing bird names in both Hindi and English helps us understand and appreciate the world’s birds better. It connects us with different cultures and helps us talk about protecting birds everywhere. Learning these names is not just good for bird watchers but important for everyone who cares about nature.

It makes working together on bird studies and conservation easier, too. We really need to keep teaching and sharing this knowledge to help save birds all around the world.

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