MGM Dizzee World: Ticket Price, Rides, Timings and More

Key Takeaways

  • Ticket prices change based on Jumbo, Mega Fun, and Priority Pass packages.
  • There are price cuts for older adults and options that include meals.
  • The park opens from 10:30 AM to 6 PM on weekdays and until 6:30 PM on weekends.
  • You can see pictures of the park on its website and social media.
  • You can book tickets online, which might offer discounts for groups or during certain seasons.

MGM Dizzee World is located in Muttukadu on Chennai’s East Coast Road. This amusement park offers fun for all ages with ticket options like the Jumbo and Mega Fun packages. You can also buy a Priority Pass to skip long lines.

It has rides for all ages, from fast roller coasters for thrill-seekers to milder options for kids.

MGM Dizzee World focuses on safety and making sure everyone has a good time, making it a top choice for fun in Chennai.

About MGM Dizzee World


Muttukadu, Tamil Nadu

Located at 1/74, SH 49, Muttukadu, Tamil Nadu 600112, MGM Dizzee World is easy to reach from different areas of Chennai and the surrounding regions. It’s right on the beautiful East Coast Road, making it accessible by car or local transport like buses and cabs. The nearest train station is in Chengalpattu.


The park is about 30 km from the center of Chennai and is near many beaches and cultural sites.

This place is ideal for a family day out or a quick getaway because of its location and the wide range of activities it offers.


MGM Dizzee World

MGM Dizzee World in Chennai, India, is easy to get to and has something for everyone. This popular amusement park is known for its exciting rides and family-friendly options. Some top rides include the Kamikaze Ranger, which is thrilling, and the Rock o Plane, which really spins you around.

The Nilgiri Express offers a more relaxed ride for those who like a slower pace. The park has also had unique features like Hot Air Balloon Rides and Helicopter Services, making visits even more memorable.

Additionally, MGM Dizzee World once hosted the Jurongs Bird Show from Singapore, bringing an educational and fun twist to its range of attractions.


The park has plenty of parking. It fits 500 cars, 50 buses, and 750 motorcycles, making it easy for everyone to visit. MGM Dizzee World also offers excellent facilities to make your visit better. There are two places to eat and a particular area just for kids.

Ticket Prices, Timings, and Deals

Jumbo Package

Jumbo Package tickets at MGM Dizzee World cost Rs 1,179 for adults and Rs 825 for children. This price includes a full day of access to more than 60 top rides and attractions. The package is designed for every age group and includes:

  1. Unlimited use of all standard and water rides.
  2. Free admission to special live shows and events in the park.
  3. Free safety gear and equipment for certain attractions.
  4. Food discounts at some park restaurants.

This package is perfect for anyone wanting to fully enjoy MGM Dizzee World, making for an unforgettable day with family or friends.

Mega Fun Package

Experience all-day fun with the Mega Fun Package at MGM Dizzee World. This deal gives you full access to every ride and attraction. Adults pay Rs 1,415 and children Rs 1,179, making it perfect for family outings.

You can book your tickets online for easy access and a smooth start to your day at one of India’s top amusement parks.

Priority Pass Package

MGM Dizzee World’s Priority Pass Package is a great choice for those looking for a quick and exclusive visit. It comes with different ticket options, longer park hours, and special offers. This premium choice cuts down wait times and gives better access to all rides and attractions. Here are the main benefits of the Priority Pass Package:

  1. Shorter Wait Times: Use a particular Fast Track lane at significant rides.
  2. More Time in the Park: Get in early and stay late on busy days.
  3. Special Offers: Enjoy discounts on food and merchandise inside the park.
  4. Worth the Price: It costs more, but the benefits and convenience make it a good deal.

Senior’s Offer

The Priority Pass Package makes visiting MGM Dizzee World easy for everyone, but we also have special offers for seniors. We give a discount to anyone 60 or older, making it more affordable for them to enjoy the park.

Our hours are 10:30 AM to 6:00 PM during the week and 6:30 PM on weekends. This gives seniors plenty of time to see and do everything at their own pace. Plus, we often have extra discounts in the slower seasons, making it even better for senior visitors.

The Tasty Ticket

Exploring ticket options at MGM Dizzee World shows they’re affordable and vary to meet different needs and budgets. Here’s what you can choose:

  1. Standard Entry: Gets you into all the usual rides and attractions.
  2. Jumbo Package: Adds free snacks and a souvenir.
  3. Mega Fun Package: Comes with more rides and meal vouchers.
  4. Priority PassLets you skip the lines for rides and offers the best seats at shows.

Each option is crafted to improve your visit, making sure there’s a perfect ticket for everyone’s taste and budget.

Tips for Visiting MGM Dizzee World

How to Reach

Here are the best options for a straightforward trip to the park:

  1. Public Bus: Direct buses run from significant areas in the city.
  2. Private Car or Taxi: You can drive on the main roads to get there, which allows flexibility.
  3. Metro and Local Train: Take the metro to Chennai Park Town, then switch to a local train.
  4. Fast Track CabThere’s a special deal with MGM that cuts 20% off your cab fare to and from the park.

Choose the travel method that suits your starting point in Chennai and your travel preferences for comfort and time.

Nearby Accommodations

Choosing the right place to stay near MGM Dizzee World makes your visit better by offering comfort and convenience. There are many options, from luxury resorts to affordable hotels, fitting every budget and preference. Most accommodations are close to the park, saving you travel time and giving you more time to have fun.

Many hotels also have pools, spas, and restaurants, great for relaxing after a busy day. It’s wise to book your stay early, especially in busy seasons, to get the best prices and choices.

Nearby Attractions

Chennai has a lot of fun places close to the park:

  • VGP Marine Kingdom: Dive into an underwater world and see a wide range of sea life.
VGP Marine Kingdom
  • Theevu Thidal Exhibition: A place that holds different cultural and educational events.
Theevu Thidal Exhibition
  • Tambaram Underwater Aquarium Exhibition: Displays many types of sea creatures, great for families and sea lovers.
Tambaram Underwater Aquarium Exhibition
  • Snow Kingdom ECR Chennai: A chilly snow park with lots of activities, perfect for cooling off after a warm day at MGM Dizzee World.
Snow Kingdom ECR Chennai

These spots offer various fun experiences, ensuring there’s something for everyone nearby.

Ways to save money

Visiting MGM Dizzee World during the cooler months can make your trip better. To save money, buy your tickets online early for discounts. If you’re going with family or a group, look into bulk booking for extra savings. Also, bring your food since the park allows it. This helps you skip the expensive food sold there. Following these tips can cut down your costs significantly.

Overall experience and recommendations

  1. Visit on Weekdays: You’ll face fewer crowds and shorter lines at the rides.
  2. Bring Essentials: Don’t forget sunscreen, hats, and comfortable shoes for a full day of fun.
  3. Check Out Food Choices: Enjoy a meal at the multicuisine restaurant or grab a quick snack at Fortyellow.
  4. Use Convenient Services: Use the ample parking and the Fast Track cab service for easy arrival and departure.

Follow these tips for a fun and easy visit to MGM Dizzee World.


MGM Dizzee World in Chennai is an excellent place for fun and adventure, perfect for both locals and tourists.

The park offers exciting rides like the Creeper Bug and Kamikaze Ranger and family-friendly areas like Children’s Land.

It also provides plenty of parking, food choices, and a cab service, making your visit easy and enjoyable.

Whether you’re going with family or friends, MGM Dizzee World has something for everyone that ensures a memorable day.

Don’t forget to look for special deals and book tickets online for extra benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Pets Allowed Inside MGM Dizzee World?

Pets are not allowed in MGM Dizzee World to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort. This rule applies to all animals, including small pets and service animals.

Is There a Dress Code for Water Park Attractions?

Yes, water parks have a dress code. You must wear proper swimwear like swimsuits or swim trunks. You cannot wear jeans, sarees, or baggy clothes.

Can Tickets Be Transferred to Another Person?

Tickets usually can’t be transferred to someone else to keep each purchase secure and valid. It’s best to look at the specific rules about transferring tickets with the company or place that issued them.

Are There Any Facilities for Nursing Mothers?

MGM Dizzee World offers private spaces for nursing mothers. These areas are designed to help parents care for their infants comfortably.

Is Smoking Permitted Within the Park Premises?

Smoking is not allowed in the park to ensure a safe and pleasant experience for everyone. You may find designated smoking areas outside the main attractions for your convenience.

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