Wonderla Amusement Park Bangalore – Tickets, Timings, & Rides

Key Takeaway

  • Experience the ‘RECOIL’ roller coaster, India’s reverse looping ride that defies gravity.
  • Try the ‘XD MAX,’ a virtual reality attraction for a futuristic adventure.
  • Explore over 60 rides, including high-adrenaline options for thrill-seekers.
  • Enjoy multimedia shows like the musical fountain for a blend of water, music, and light.
  • Take advantage of Fast Track tickets for quicker access to thrilling attractions.

Nestled on the bustling Mysore Road, Wonderla Amusement Park in Bangalore offers a sprawling landscape of thrill and excitement, making it a premier destination for both adventure seekers and family outings. This iconic amusement park not only captivates with its array of adrenaline-pumping rides but also provides a perfect setting for creating memorable experiences.

wonderland in bangalore

Whether it’s the high-speed thrills of roller coasters or the delightful splashes in water rides, Wonderla Bangalore caters to all ages and preferences. Its strategic location, just a short drive from the city center, enhances its accessibility, making it an ideal choice for a day of fun and adventure away from the urban hustle.

Overview of Wonderla Amusement Park in Bangalore

Largest amusement park in India

Located on the bustling Mysore Road, Wonderla Amusement Park in Bangalore stands as one of the largest amusement parks in India. This expansive facility, sprawling over 82 acres, is a hub of entertainment and a landmark of architectural and operational excellence.

Its strategic location, just 28 kilometers from the heart of Bangalore, makes it an accessible getaway for both locals and tourists. Wonderla Bangalore is renowned for maintaining high ride safety and guest service standards, which contributes to its reputation as a top-tier amusement venue.

Variety of rides and attractions

Building on its reputation as a premier entertainment destination, Wonderla Amusement Park in Bangalore offers an extensive array of rides and attractions designed to cater to all age groups and thrill levels. The park features over 60 exhilarating rides, including high-adrenaline options like ‘RECOIL’, which reverses the thrill of a roller coaster, and the watery adventures of ‘Wavy and Vertical Fall’.

For families and younger visitors, gentler rides such as ‘Magic Mushroom’ and ‘Mini Pirate’ guarantee a fun-filled experience for all. The park also hosts a variety of multimedia shows, including a musical fountain and laser displays, enhancing the magical atmosphere.

Top Attractions at Wonderla Amusement Park

High Thrill Rides

High Thrill Rides

For thrill-seekers, the high thrill rides at Wonderla Amusement Park offer an exhilarating experience unmatched in the region. The park features a variety of jaw-dropping attractions explicitly designed for those who crave adrenaline.

Among the most popular is the ‘Recoil’, a reverse looping roller coaster that challenges even the bravest with its intense inversions and speeds. The ‘XD MAX’ also provides a virtual reality experience that combines high-speed motion with stunning visual effects, creating a unique thrill that simulates extreme scenarios.

These attractions are carefully maintained to guarantee safety while maximizing excitement, making Wonderla a top destination for thrill enthusiasts looking to push their limits in a controlled and enjoyable environment.

Land Rides

Among the diverse attractions at Wonderla Amusement Park, the land rides stand out as a major draw for families and adventure seekers alike. Visitors can experience a variety of thrilling adventures, from high-speed roller coasters to interactive and engaging family rides.

Land Rides

Highlights include the ‘RECOIL’, which reverses the thrill with its unpredictable twists, and the ‘XD MAX’, offering a virtual reality experience that transports riders into different worlds. For those seeking less intense excitement, the ‘Pirate Ship’ and ‘Techno Jump’ provide enjoyable moments without the extreme thrills.

Each ride is meticulously maintained, ensuring safety and fun for all ages, making the land rides at Wonderla a must-experience feature of the park.

Water Rides

Water Rides

Diving into the water attractions at Wonderla Amusement Park, visitors can experience a variety of exhilarating water rides, from high-speed slides to relaxing wave pools. The park features an array of thrilling water slides like the Wavy and Vertical Fall and the twisting, turning excitement of the Korneto slide.

For those looking for a more leisurely experience, the Wave Pool offers an artificial beach-like atmosphere where you can enjoy gentle waves. The Rain Disco allows guests to dance under a rainfall-like setting, adding a unique twist to the typical water park experience.

Each ride is designed with the latest safety standards, ensuring a fun and secure environment for all water enthusiasts.

Kids’ Rides

wonderla bangalore

Wonderla Amusement Park in Bangalore offers a delightful array of rides specifically designed for children, ensuring that younger visitors have an equally thrilling experience.

Among the most popular kids’ rides is the Magic Mushroom, where children are enchanted by its colorful, sprouting designs.

Mini Venice introduces them to a gentle gondola ride, perfect for young adventurers.

For little pirates, the Mini Pirate Ship offers a safe yet exciting swaying experience.

The Merry Ghost ride brings a touch of spooky fun without being too scary, suitable for children of all ages.

Lastly, the Kiddies Wheel allows the smallest visitors to enjoy a Ferris wheel experience tailored to their size, ensuring safety and joy in every spin.

Essential Information for Visiting Wonderla Amusement Park

Ticket prices and timings

Wonderla Bangalore Ticket Prices 2024

WeekdaysAdult Regular₹ 1016
 Child* Regular₹ 812
WeekendsAdult Regular₹ 1185 + 18% GST
 Child* Regular₹ 948

*Child: Height between 85 cm and 140 cm. Children below 85 cm have free entry.

Wonderla Bangalore Timings

Park TypeWeekdaysWeekends/Holidays
Amusement Park11:00 am to 6:00 pm11:00 am to 7:00 pm
Water Park12:30 pm to 5:30 pm12:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Nearby attractions

Exploring the area around Wonderla Amusement Park, visitors find a variety of attractions that enrich their experience with cultural, natural, and recreational diversity.

Bannerghatta National Park, located a short drive away, offers a rich array of wildlife and safari tours, making it a perfect complement to the thrill rides at Wonderla.

Pyramid Valley, known for its monumental meditation pyramid, provides a serene counterpoint with spaces for reflection and spiritual gatherings.

Nearby, Janapada Loka opens a window to Karnataka’s vibrant folk heritage with its museum, artifacts, and live demonstrations, presenting a cultural feast for visitors interested in the local traditions and arts.

Bookings and special offers

Wonderla Amusement Park offers a variety of booking options and special promotions to enhance visitor experiences. Whether you are planning a family outing, a school trip, or a corporate event, Wonderla has tailored packages to suit every need. Booking online is convenient and offers access to early bird discounts and exclusive online-only deals. Additionally, Wonderla often runs seasonal promotions, including festive discounts and special rates for large groups.

Location and accessibility

After examining Wonderla Amusement Park’s various booking options and special offers, the following essential aspect to contemplate is its location and how to easily access the park. Wonderla is located at 28th Km, Mysore Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562109.

This strategic position on the Mysore Road makes it accessible by various means of transport. Visitors can drive down to the park, which is about a 1-hour drive from the center of Bangalore, depending on traffic conditions. For those preferring public transport, several buses run to this area from significant parts of the city.


In conclusion, Wonderla Amusement Park in Bangalore offers a diverse range of attractions and facilities that cater to all ages, making it an ideal destination for family fun and adventure. Whether you seek thrilling rides, leisurely water activities, or engaging entertainment, Wonderla has something for everyone. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Bring My Own Food and Beverages to Wonderla?

Visitors are not allowed to bring their own food and beverages to Wonderla Amusement Park. The park offers various dining options where guests can purchase meals and refreshments.

Are There Any Locker Facilities Available at Wonderla?

Yes, Wonderla Amusement Park offers locker facilities to securely store personal belongings. These are conveniently located within the park and are available for a nominal fee, ensuring a hassle-free experience for visitors.

What Is the Best Way to Reach Wonderla From Bangalore City Center?

The best route to Wonderla from Bangalore city center involves taking the Mysore Road. Public buses and taxis are available, and the park also offers dedicated shuttle services for convenience.

Are Pets Allowed Inside Wonderla Amusement Park?

Pets are not permitted inside Wonderla Amusement Park, Bangalore. Visitors are advised to make alternative arrangements for their pets’ care during their visit to guarantee compliance with the park’s entry regulations.

Does Wonderla Offer Any Special Discounts for Large Groups?

Yes, Wonderla Amusement Park offers exceptional discounts for large groups. These are available for corporate outings, school trips, and other large gatherings, enhancing affordability and accessibility for group entertainment and activities.

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