Aigandapura Or Aivarakandapura

Aigandapura is 30 Kms from Bangalore on Tumkur road. The place is famous for its legends; it is believed that the Pandavas stopped here during their exile.

During the Chola Dynasty Aigandapura was a celebrated Agrahara. Even today Karga festival is celebrated here on the ninth day of the Hindu calendar. People around this area believe that Pandavas visited this place during the Vanvaasa/exile. There are two temples here Dharmeshwara and Gopalakrishna which are the main attraction here.

There are smaller shrines within Dharmeshwara temple dedicated to Nakuleshwara, Sahadeshwara, Arjuneshwara and Kuntigudi. The Bheemeshwara temple is spread out acrossthe road and is on slightly higher plane.

Makali is a place where Bheema passed through after visiting Aigandapura here he consecrated a Shiva Linga. The priests here say the place was later converted to Bheemeshwara temple. This temple is located on banks of Arkavathi River. There is a giant footprint of Bheema also called as Bheemana Hejje along with marks of small hole which they believe was made when Bheema played dice with his brothers.

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