Sawariya Seth Mandir, Rajasthan | Darshan Timings, Location, History

Key Takeaways

  • Sawariya Seth Mandir sits about 40 kilometers from Chittorgarh, right off the Chittorgarh-Udaipur Highway. 
  • You can catch the early morning Mangala Aarti or the evening Shayan Aarti; just remember they close for a bit in the afternoon.
  • The temple opens with the sunrise for the Mangala Aarti and shuts down after the evening Shayan Aarti, following a tight schedule.
  • Getting there is straightforward. It’s right on NH 76 at Bagund-Bhadsoda Chouraha. 
  • If you’re planning a visit, you might also want to check out the nearby Chittorgarh Fort and Vijay Stambha. You’ll find plenty of places to stay and local dishes to try.

The Sanwariya Seth Mandir is a famous Hindu temple in Rajasthan, located on the highway between Chittorgarh and Udaipur. It’s dedicated to Lord Krishna, who is known here as Shri Sanwalia Seth. This temple is not just a place for worship; it also showcases the area’s rich cultural traditions.

Every year, lots of people visit to pray and receive blessings. The temple sits in the beautiful landscapes of Rajasthan, which enhances its spiritual appeal. It’s a key spot for many visiting this historic state on a religious tour. The Sanwariya Seth Mandir truly represents a mix of divine influence and the local culture.

Sawariya Seth Mandir Rajasthan

History of the temple

Sawariya Seth Mandir Rajasthan

In 1840, a local cowherd named Bholaram Gurjar found three sacred idols buried in the ground at Chhapar in Bagund village, all thanks to his dream. This event started the history of the Sawariya Seth Mandir.

The idols were placed in nearby temples, sparking a wave of devotion. A temple dedicated to Lord Krishna was built and quickly became essential for spiritual gatherings.

  • 1840: Bholaram Gurjar discovers the idols. This is when Sawariya Seth Mandir began.
  • 1841: They built the temple at Chhapar. This was when the first stones were laid.
  • 1900s: They made the temple bigger and better, so more people could visit.
  • 1950s: They started holding yearly festivals and special events, which drew more people and attention.
  • 2000s: The temple became part of significant pilgrimage routes, boosting tourism and helping the local economy.

Darshan Timings at Sawariya Seth Mandir

Opening and closing times

If you’re planning to visit Sawariya Seth Mandir, knowing the temple’s opening and closing times is essential. The temple follows a strict schedule, including a afternoon break for specific rituals and maintenance. So, if you’re visiting, check when the temple is open to avoid any inconvenience. This will ensure a smooth and meaningful experience.

Temple Darshan Timings/Schedule

DaysParts of the DayTemple Darshan Timings/Schedule
Mon to SunTemple Opening Time05:30
Mon to SunMorning Hours05:30 to 12:00
Mon to SunEvening Hours14:30 to 23:00
Mon to SunTemple Closing Timings12:00 to 14:30

Sanwariya Seth Temple Aarti Timings

DaysTemple RitualsTemple Aarti Timings/Schedule
Mon to SunMangala Aarti05:30
Mon to SunRest Time (Lord Sanwalia Ji)12:00 to 14:30
Mon to SunAarti, Falahar Prasad Served DarshanFrom 14:30
Mon to SunEvening Pooja20:00 to 21:15
Mon to SunBhajan & Kirtan21:15 to 23:00

Daily schedule of poojas and aartis

The daily schedule of poojas and aartis at Sawariya Seth Mandir is simple and designed to meet the spiritual needs of its visitors. The day starts with Mangala Aarti at dawn, followed by Shringar Aarti in mid-morning and Rajbhog Aarti at noon, during which the deity is offered a variety of delicacies.

Daily schedule of poojas and aartis

The temple closes for a few hours in the afternoon, giving everyone a little break, and then opens again for the Sandhya Aarti in the evening. The day ends with the Shayan Aarti at night, which marks the deity’s resting time. You’re welcome to join in these aartis and feel a deep connection with the divine, surrounded by chants and hymns.

Location of Sawariya Seth Mandir

Address and directions

Situated about 40 kilometers away from Chittorgarh on the main road to Udaipur, the Sawariya Seth Mandir is a key spiritual destination in Rajasthan, India. Known to many as Shri Sanwaliya Ji, the temple is right off the highway, making it pretty straightforward to get to.

If you’re heading there, the address is Bagund-Bhadsoda Chouraha, N.H. 76, P.O.- Bhadsoda, Dist- Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, Pin 312024. This spot on a big highway makes it easy for travellers from different places to find it. If you need help or want more details about what’s happening at the temple, please ring them at (+91) 01470-245493. They’re there to help with directions or any questions about the temple’s events.

Nearby attractions and accommodations

Nearby attractions and accommodations

Exploring the area near Sawariya Seth Mandir is a treat. The temple sits close to the Chittorgarh-Udaipur Highway, making it easy for travelers to Chittorgarh, about 40 kilometers away. You can visit well-known spots like Chittorgarh Fort and Vijay Stambha in Chittorgarh.

You’ve got choices from budget to luxury hotels when it comes to places to stay. Plus, local restaurants nearby offer a taste of traditional Rajasthani dishes. All these make your visit to Rajasthan both relaxing and exciting.


Sawariya Seth Mandir is a key spiritual spot for the Vaishnav community, showcasing Rajasthan’s rich culture and history. The temple adheres to old rituals, holding poojas and aartis that instill a strong sense of faith and tradition among the followers.

It’s on the Chittorgarh-Udaipur Highway, making it easy to reach. Many people come here for spiritual peace and to learn about the region’s age-old traditions.

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