Nandi Hills Bengaluru: Tickets, Timings, Offers May 2024

Key Takeaways

  • You can buy Nandi Hills tickets online or at the gate.
  • They’re open from sunrise to sunset every day.
  • In May 2024, you might find group discounts or early bird prices.
  • Visit their official website or contact tourist centers for precise costs and deals.
  • Check if weather-dependent activities like paragliding are available when you visit.

Why visit Nandi Hills near Bengaluru?

Just 60 kilometers from the busy city, this peaceful hill station offers a relaxed, calm break. The higher altitude means cooler temperatures than in Bangalore, perfect for a year-round getaway.

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Whether avoiding summer heat or enjoying post-monsoon greenery, Nandi Hills refreshes mind and body.

It’s easy to get to, great for a quick day trip or extended weekend stay. Plus, the drive to Nandi Hills is as beautiful as the destination, making your trip enjoyable.

Top Attractions in Nandi Hills

Visiting Nandi Hills, you’ll find plenty to do.

If you love adventure, try paragliding to see stunning views from above.

For cyclists, there are beautiful paths to explore.

You can also camp overnight at the Nandi Hills Drive-In Camp, perfect for enjoying the outdoors.

Nandi Hills Drive In Camp

The Nandi Hills Drive-In Camp is a prime spot in Nandi Hills, offering a mix of adventure and scenic beauty. Nestled in lush surroundings, it’s ideal for those who want both relaxation and adventure.

The camp features well-equipped tents that combine comfort with a close connection to nature. Guests can relax under the stars or take part in activities like trekking and cycling through the hills.

While paragliding is not available, there’s plenty of wildlife photography and bird watching to enjoy, making it a perfect outdoor getaway.


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Safety First: Trained experts run paragliding here. They use top-notch gear and make sure you know what to do.

Scenic Views: As you glide, enjoy amazing views of green landscapes and morning mists covering the hills.

Seasonal Availability: Paragliding depends on the weather. It’s usually best after the monsoon season when the winds are right.


Cycling in Nandi Hills is a top choice for visitors, offering challenging paths and beautiful views. The area suits both new and experienced cyclists, with a range of accessible and challenging routes that pass through green landscapes and by historic sites like Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace.

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The relaxed, breezy weather makes cycling even more enjoyable, particularly in the early morning when the hills are still shrouded in mist. Safety is a priority, with clear signs and regular patrols.

For those who love both exercise and sightseeing, Nandi Hills is perfect for a mix of adventure, nature, and history.

Travel Essentials for Nandi Hills

Tickets and Timings

For a hassle-free trip to Nandi Hills, it’s best to know how tickets work and when it’s open. You can buy tickets at the main gate. To skip long lines, especially on weekends or holidays, try to get there early or see if you can book online.

Key Details:

  1. Opening Hours: Nandi Hills is open from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM, which allows you to see both the sunrise and sunset.
  2. Ticket Prices: There’s a standard entry fee. Discounts may be available for students, kids, and groups.
  3. Purchase Options: Buy tickets at the gate or check online for a quicker way in.

Best Time to Visit

To get the best out of your visit to Nandi Hills, plan your trip between September and May. During these months, the weather is clear and calm, especially from November to February.

Go early in the morning for stunning sunrise views. This time is perfect for photographers and nature lovers. Try to visit on weekdays to avoid crowds and enjoy a quieter experience.

Always check the weather before you go, as it can change quickly.


Here are the main types of accommodations:

  1. Luxury Resorts: Best for those who enjoy comfort and high-end amenities. Many resorts have spa services, fine dining, and beautiful views of the hills.
  2. Mid-range Hotels: These offer decent comfort with necessary food and Wi-Fi services suitable for families and couples.
  3. Budget Guesthouses: Great for solo travelers and backpackers, providing low-cost basic rooms.

Offers in Nandi Hills

Tourism Board Alliances

The Tourism Board has teamed up with local businesses and service providers to create special deals for visitors to Nandi Hills. These partnerships aim to improve the visitor experience and support local businesses.

Here’s what’s being offered:

  1. Discounted Services: Lower prices on local transport and places to stay.
  2. Culinary Delights: Deals on food and drinks at selected eateries.
  3. Retail Promotions: Price cuts at shops offering local crafts and souvenirs.

Exciting Packages

If you love history, try the ‘Heritage Walk’ package. It includes tours of old temples and Tipu Sultan’s summer home, with clear explanations of their importance.

For those who enjoy nature, the ‘Eco-Explorer’ package offers guided walks through the natural surroundings, pointing out unique plants and animals.

Adventure enthusiasts should check out the ‘Thrill Seeker’ package, which mixes trekking and cycling for a more challenging experience.

Each package is designed to help you fully experience and enjoy what Nandi Hills has to offer.

Discounts on Activities

  1. Paragliding: Get 20% off early morning flights. See the beautiful landscapes from above as the sun rises.
  2. Cycling Tours: Enjoy a 15% discount on guided cycling tours. Ride through secret paths and enjoy the scenery.
  3. Trekking Expeditions: Save 10% on group treks. Whether you’re new or experienced, you’ll love the stunning natural surroundings.


In conclusion, Nandi Hills provides a rich mix of history, nature, and adventure. It’s perfect for anyone looking to unwind or seek thrills. Here’s a simple summary to help plan your visit:

| Aspect | Detail | Note | |——————–|———————–|————————| | Best Time to Visit | September to May | Enjoy cooler, clear days. | | Activities | Trekking, Paragliding | Good for all levels. | | Accessibility | 60 km from Bangalore | Easy to reach by road. | | Local Cuisine | South Indian food | Few places to eat. | | Accommodation | Book early | Gets busy at peak times. |

Plan bright to fully enjoy Nandi Hills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Pets Allowed at Nandi Hills?

Pets are not allowed at Nandi Hills. This helps keep the area clean and protects the wildlife. Always check the latest rules about pets with the management before you visit.

Is There Wheelchair Access Throughout Nandi Hills?

Wheelchair access in Nandi Hills is limited. The natural terrain and old buildings make it difficult for wheelchair users to get around. Some parts may be accessible, but generally, it’s challenging.

Can Professional Photography Equipment Be Brought Without a Permit?

You can usually bring professional photography equipment to different places, but checking with each location is essential. Some areas might need you to have a permit, depending on their rules and how much equipment you have.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Paragliding Activities?

Paragliding usually has age limits. Most places ask that you be 18 or older. But, rules can differ, so it’s best to contact local operators to find out.

Does Nandi Hills Offer Any Overnight Camping Facilities?

Nandi Hills allows overnight camping. Visitors can camp under the stars and enjoy nature. There are specific areas for camping that have basic facilities.

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