Kedarnath Temple Opening & Closing Date 2024

Key Takeaways

  • Kedarnath Temple will open on May 10, 2024.
  • The opening date is set based on astrology and the temple committee’s advice.
  • The temple is likely to close in the third week of November 2024.
  • They close it then because winter makes it hard to get there.
  • If you plan to visit, it’s best to go before it closes for safety.


The Kedarnath Temple, high in the Garhwal Himalayas, opened on May 10, 2024. It’s a special place dedicated to Lord Shiva and draws thousands of pilgrims every year. They come for blessings and to find peace. The temple is 3,583 meters high and is part of the Char Dham Yatra, an important Hindu spiritual journey.

When the temple opens, there are special rituals and prayers. These ceremonies highlight the temple’s spiritual importance and clean the pilgrimage path. If you’re planning to go, get ready for an arduous trek. It’s not just physically demanding; it’s a deep spiritual journey too. You’ll need to prepare both your body and mind.

Kedarnath Temple Opening and Closing Dates 2024

kedarnath temple opening date 2023

Opening date: 1st week of May 2024 (Tentative)

Kedarnath Temple is set to open on May 10, 2024. This date marks the start of the Char Dham Yatra, a significant pilgrimage. The choice of this day comes from astrology, with guidance from the Badrinath-Kedarnath Temple Committee and respected priests.

The opening day will feature special rituals to honor Lord Shiva, the temple’s deity. Devotees from all over will come together to seek blessings and a fresh spiritual start.

The temple will be open from early morning to evening, but it will close for a bit in the afternoon. This schedule gives everyone an excellent chance to visit and experience the peaceful, spiritual setting of Kedarnath.

Closing date: 3rd week of November 2024 (Tentative)

The Kedarnath Temple plans to close for the year in the third week of November 2024, but this date might change. The temple ends its season as winter starts, making it too difficult to visit. If you want to go, make sure to see before it closes. This helps keep everyone safe and maintains the temple’s peaceful environment.

How to Reach Kedarnath Temple

By trekking

The trek to Kedarnath Temple is a challenging but beautiful 16-kilometer walk from Gaurikund. It’s a spiritual journey for thousands of pilgrims every year, leading to one of Hinduism’s most sacred places.

kedarnath temple uttarakhand

The path is clear and well-kept, with places to rest, medical help, and food stalls along the way, thanks to local authorities and the temple committee. Pilgrims often start early in the morning to dodge the unpredictable afternoon weather typical of the area. It’s crucial to wear solid shoes and suitable clothes for the weather to stay safe and comfortable.

By helicopter

Helicopter rides are a quick and beautiful way to get to Kedarnath Temple. They’re great for those who want to skip the challenging hike or don’t have much time. You can catch a flight from places like Phata, Guptkashi, and Sirsi. Taking a helicopter not only saves time but also lets you see the stunning Himalayan scenery from above, adding to the spiritual experience.

kedarnath temple uttarakhand

The flights depend on the weather, so it’s best to book early, especially during the busy pilgrimage season. This travel option is convenient for older visitors and families with young kids, as it makes the journey smoother and faster.

By road

Traveling to Kedarnath Temple by road means you’ll drive through the mountains. You can start from Rishikesh or Haridwar and head to Gaurikund. That’s the closest spot to the temple where you can drive to. From there, you need to walk about 16 kilometers to reach the temple. The path offers fantastic views of the Himalayas and goes through beautiful forests and over old bridges.

Here’s how far Gaurikund is from some starting points:

  • From Rishikesh: 212 km
  • From Haridwar: 235 km
  • From Delhi: 458 km

The roads are part of the national highways network, so they’re pretty good, which helps considering the mountainous route.

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The Kedarnath Temple will open for pilgrims on May 10, 2024. It’s located in the peaceful Garhwal Himalayas, making it a perfect place for a spiritual journey.

The opening date is carefully chosen based on the Hindu calendar to maintain tradition. Visitors can participate in special rituals and darshan to deepen their spiritual connection. If you’re planning to go, it’s wise to look into travel details like routes and the best times to visit. This helps make sure your trip goes smoothly and is truly rewarding.

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