Kanaka Durga Temple, Vijayawada | Timings, Distance, History

Key Takeaways

  • Kanaka Durga Temple is open from 4 in the morning to 10 at night every day. It welcomes both pilgrims and tourists.
  • You can find it on Indrakeeladri Hill, right next to the Krishna River, and it’s not far from the center of Vijayawada.
  • The temple honors Goddess Durga, who is shown with eight arms. This represents her strength and her role as a protector.
  • Legend says that the hero Arjuna was the one who started the temple. Inside, there’s a naturally occurring form of Goddess Durga.
  • This place isn’t just a temple; it’s a hub for cultural and spiritual activities that draws people interested in devotion and history.

Located on Indrakeeladri Hill in Vijayawada, the Kanaka Durga Temple is a special place that honors Goddess Durga. People from all over come to visit. Here, the goddess appears with eight arms, each holding a weapon. This shows her strength and her role as a protector. Goddess Kanaka Durga is known for her beauty and gives people hope and courage.

The temple itself is stunning and adds to the spiritual feel of the place, making it perfect for prayer and reflection. It’s not just a place to worship; it’s also a hub of cultural traditions and spiritual energy.

History of Kanaka Durga Temple

Origin and installation of the temple

History of Kanaka Durga Temple

Legend states that the hero Arjuna founded the Kanaka Durga Temple on Indrakeeladri hill. During his journey to the Himalayas, he was on a mission to obtain a powerful weapon, the Pasupata astra. By setting up the temple there, Arjuna created a sacred place and turned it into a spot of great spiritual strength.

The temple’s spot on the hill is key because it looks over the city of Vijayawada, almost like a watchful protector. This backstory makes the temple so significant, historically and culturally. It attracts people looking to worship and those who study its stories and history.

The temple is a lively hub for those interested in spirituality and the past, drawing crowds from everywhere.

Swayambu manifestation of Goddess Durga

At the Kanaka Durga Temple, the deity is known as a Swayambu, which means she appeared on her own without anyone creating her. This shows her pure and powerful nature. There’s a story that Sage Indrakila did intense meditation to call upon Goddess Kanaka Durga. He wanted her help keeping the area sacred.

In the temple, she is shown with eight arms, each holding a weapon. This image of her is not just about showing her as a fighter who defeated the demon Mahishasura; it also highlights her beauty and elegance. She’s really important to the people who worship her, not just as a strong warrior but also as a symbol of divine grace.

Timings and Distance of Kanaka Durga Temple

Opening and closing timings

Sure, here’s the table for Kanaka Durga Temple Timings:

Monday to Sunday04:00 AM to 05:45 PM06:15 PM to 10:00 PM

The Kanaka Durga Temple is open every day from 4 a.m. to 10 p.m. This long day allows visitors to come in for prayers and other spiritual activities whenever they feel it is best.

The temple stays open late to accommodate the many pilgrims who come to get blessings from Goddess Kanaka Durga. These hours allow you to visit early in the morning or later in the evening, whichever works for you. The temple also plans for big crowds during festivals and special events, ensuring everyone has a good visit. These hours make it easier for everyone to have a meaningful experience at the temple.

Location on Indrakeeladri hill by Krishna River

Location on Indrakeeladri hill by Krishna River

Located on Indrakeeladri Hill by the Krishna River, the Kanaka Durga Temple is a key spiritual spot in Vijayawada. It sits high up, giving visitors sweeping views of the bustling city and the calm river. This setting isn’t just beautiful—it makes the temple feel powerful yet peaceful.

Getting there is pretty straightforward. It’s only about 3.7 kilometers from the Vijayawada Junction railway station, so it’s a quick trip if you’re coming by train. And if you’re flying in, the Vijayawada International Airport is around 23 kilometers away. That means a short drive will get you from the airport to the temple in no time.

Because it’s easy to get to and sits in such a stunning spot, the Kanaka Durga Temple attracts many visitors year round.


The Kanaka Durga Temple in Vijayawada is a key site, rich in cultural and historical significance. It sits atop Indrakeeladri Hill, right by the Krishna River, making it easy to reach and adding a peaceful feel.

The temple’s design and its depiction of the deity as a figure of strength and protection are big reasons why it matters so much to visitors, including pilgrims and scholars.

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