Is Apple Pay Accepted At Jack In The Box Locations?

Key Takeaways

  • Every Jack in the Box location accepts Apple Pay, including drive-thrus.
  • You can’t use Apple Pay on their website or app.
  • Payments are made using NFC technology, which is quick and secure.
  • Apple Pay allows for contactless payments, which keeps things clean.
  • Apple Pay meets the needs of those who prefer digital payments.


Apple Pay is a fast and secure way to pay at all Jack in the Box locations, including inside the restaurant and at the drive-thru.

The system uses NFC technology, which makes the payment process quick and safe. It’s easy, too—just add your card to your Apple Wallet, pick the card when you’re paying, and hold your device near the reader. This method fits well with today’s digital payment methods and makes it easier for customers by eliminating the need for cash or cards. Learn more about how this technology makes buying fast food simpler.

Does Jack In The Box Accept Apple Pay?

Yes, in-store only

Jack in the Box accepts Apple Pay, but only in its stores and drive-thrus, not on its app. This method is fast and secure, letting customers pay without cash or cards. Apple Pay works by using NFC, which speeds up the payment process.

does jack in the box take apple pay

You can pay by holding your Apple device near the payment terminal. This method is quick, avoids contact, and fits well with today’s digital payment methods.

Accepted at drive-thrus

Jack in the Box drive-thrus now accept Apple Pay. This makes paying easier because you don’t need to use cash or cards. Just tap your Apple device at the reader.

It’s fast, secure, and you don’t have to touch anything else, which is cleaner. This option is available at every drive-thru in the chain.

How to Use Apple Pay at Jack In The Box

To use Apple Pay at Jack in the Box, follow these steps:

  • First, add your credit or debit card to the Wallet app on your Apple device. Once your card is saved, go to any Jack in the Box that accepts Apple Pay.
  • Open the Wallet app on your iPhone or Apple Watch at checkout and choose your card. Then, hold your device close to the contactless reader. You’ll feel a vibration and hear a beep when the payment goes through.
  • If you’re at the drive-thru, tell the cashier you’re using Apple Pay and hold your device up to the reader.
do jack in the box take apple pay

Using Apple Pay at Jack in the Box is quick and secure, making your meal purchase easier.


To sum up, Jack in the Box now accepts Apple Pay, making it easier for customers to pay using their phones. This move shows the chain’s effort to keep up with technology and improve customer service. By allowing Apple Pay, Jack in the Box meets the needs of modern consumers, making dining quicker and more enjoyable at their many locations.

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