How Did Krishna Die and Who Killed Krishna?

Key Takeaways

  • Krishna died when Jara, a hunter, mistakenly shot him with an arrow, thinking his foot was a deer.
  • This arrow was part of a prophecy about Krishna’s death.
  • The curse on Krishna’s family influenced Jara’s accidental act, leading to their downfall.
  • His death happened during a time of intense conflict and doom within his clan, the Yadavas.
  • Krishna’s death signaled the beginning of the Kali Yuga, a new period in Hindu mythology.


Lord Krishna, a key figure in Hindu mythology, is known not just for his teachings but also for the significant event of his death. This event marks the transition from the Dvapara Yuga to the Kali Yuga in Hindu religious texts. It’s detailed in the Mahabharata and other texts, showing its importance in Hindu beliefs about time.

Krishna’s death, set in a calm yet touching scene, highlights the mystical parts of his life and the fixed nature of fate. The story covers themes of destiny, redemption, and the lasting influence of a divine legacy in India’s culture and spirituality.

Curses and Prophecies Leading to Krishna’s Death

Gandhari’s curse

Deeply hurt by the loss of her sons in the Kurukshetra War, Gandhari blamed Krishna for not stopping the deadly war that wiped out her family. Overcome with grief and anger, she cursed Krishna and his people, predicting that they would also die in a similar tragic way.

Gandhari's curse

Understanding that fate was inevitable and recognizing the strength of Gandhari’s curse, Krishna accepted it with humility, simply responding ‘Tathastu’ (so be it). This acceptance marked the beginning of the end for the Yadava dynasty.

The rishi’s curse on Samba

In addition to Gandhari’s curse, the downfall of the Yadavas was also caused by a curse on Samba, Krishna’s son. Angered sages cursed him because he played a prank pretending to be pregnant using a mace.

The sages did not take this joke lightly and cursed that the mace would cause the Yadavas’ destruction. This curse came true when the mace was turned into powder that grew into reeds. The Yadavas then used these reeds as weapons to kill each other, leading to their tragic end. Samba’s prank unknowingly set off a chain of events that eventually led to Krishna’s death.

Misfortune and Tragic End of Krishna

The demise of the Yadavas

The end of the Yadavas was a significant event in the history of Krishna’s family. Their downfall began with internal conflicts and a curse that led to a violent fight among themselves. At a party, they became drunk and old resentments led to a fierce fight. This fight ended in a massacre, wiping out the once powerful family.

This tragic end was predicted and marked the collapse of a dynasty close to Krishna in important mythical stories. The fall of the Yadavas was both significant and sad, showing the unavoidable decline predicted by fate.

Krishna’s death at the hands of Jara

Krishna's death at the hands of Jara

Krishna’s life ended tragically when Jara, a hunter, accidentally killed him, thinking he was aiming at a deer. While Krishna meditated in the forest, Jara mistook his foot for a deer and shot an arrow at it.

This arrow was meant to cause Krishna’s death due to past curses. Realizing his time on earth was over, Krishna forgave Jara and explained the divine plan and his previous actions that led to this moment. With his death, the era known as Kali Yuga began.


In conclusion, Krishna’s death is a crucial event in Hindu mythology. It shows the complexity of stories about gods and how they influence cultural beliefs. He died because a hunter mistakenly killed him, fulfilling an old curse.

This story mixes the fates of gods and people, reflecting on destiny, forgiveness, and the endless cycle of time. Krishna’s tale, shared for centuries in various texts and traditions, continues to guide and teach people worldwide. It reveals how divine forces and human actions interact, deeply affecting spiritual understanding and cultural legacy.

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