Girnar Ropeway Timings, Ticket Price And Booking

Key Takeaways

  • The Girnar Ropeway runs every day from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The last ride leaves at 4:00 PM.
  • A round trip ticket for adults costs 700 INR, and a child costs 350 INR.
  • You can buy tickets online on the Udankhatola website or right there at the ropeway.
  • Booking online lets you pick the date and time you want, which can save you from waiting in line.
  • The trip to Ambaji Temple by ropeway takes just about 7.5 minutes. It’s much faster than walking.

Girnar Mountain in Junagadh, Gujarat, is a significant spot for both pilgrims and tourists. It’s home to over 866 Hindu and Jain temples, some dating back to the 3rd century. The mountain has five prominent peaks, and as you climb, you’ll find temples scattered throughout, offering a mix of spiritual experience and stunning views.

One key attraction is the Bhavnath Temple, especially during the Maha Shivratri festival. This event attracts people from all over India. They come to enjoy the festivities and participate in the rituals, making it a vibrant and moving experience.

Girnar Ropeway Timings

girnar ropeway

Opening and closing times

The Girnar Ropeway is open every day from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM, with the last ride at 4:00 PM. This schedule helps you plan your visit so you can enjoy the ride up and down the mountain without feeling rushed.

It’s set up this way to make the most of the daylight, which makes the trip safer and more enjoyable. Getting there early is a good idea to beat the crowds and have a smoother experience. Having the same hours every day helps control the number of visitors, which reduces crowding and makes the visit better for everyone.

Time needed for the journey

Taking the Girnar Ropeway is a quick way to get to the Ambaji Temple. The ride only takes about 7.5 minutes from the base at Bhavnath Taleti. This is a big plus compared to climbing nearly 5000 steps, which could take hours depending on how fast you walk and how fit you are. So, the ropeway really saves you time and energy.

This makes the pilgrimage easier, especially if you’re not up for a tough climb. Remember to consider these times when planning your visit. It will help you make the most of the scenic and spiritual journey that the Girnar Ropeway offers.

Girnar Ropeway Ticket Price and Booking

Ticket prices for adults and children

These prices help everyone, from families to solo travelers, easily access the spiritual and historic sites on the Girnar hills.

  • Adult One-Way Ticket: INR 400
  • Adult Round Trip Ticket: INR 700
  • Child Ticket (5-10 years): INR 350

Setting the prices like this helps manage the ropeway effectively while keeping it affordable for all visitors.

Booking options (online or on site)

Booking tickets for the Girnar Ropeway is straightforward. You can buy them online or directly at the site. If you choose to book online through the Udankhatola website, you can pick the date and time that suits you best. This way, you avoid the long lines that often form during busy times and festivals.

If you’re more spontaneous or prefer to keep your plans flexible, you can also buy tickets at the ticket counter when you arrive at the ropeway’s base station. Whether you book online or purchase on-site, the price and access remain the same, so everyone can enjoy the spectacular ride up the mountain without any hassle.

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Other important information (height restrictions, return journey validity)

girnar ropeway

Height restrictions and the return journey are critical details for anyone planning to use the Girnar Ropeway.

  • Height Restrictions: The Girnar Ropeway does not have specific height limits. However, children should always be with an adult for safety.
  • Return Journey Validity: Your return ticket is only suitable for the day you buy it. Make sure to plan your trip and return time well to avoid problems.
  • Safety Guidelines: You must follow the safety rules the ropeway staff give you. Keep seated and secure throughout the ride. Following these rules helps make sure everyone has a safe and fun trip.

It’s simple: watch over kids, use your ticket on the same day, and follow the safety rules. This way, everyone enjoys their ride safely and smoothly.


Visiting Girnar and using its ropeway is a rich experience. It mixes spiritual renewal with stunning views. The Girnar Ropeway makes it easier to reach the sacred spots on the mountain and lets you see the natural beauty from a unique angle.

It’s open from 8 am to 5 pm, and you can book tickets online, making planning straightforward. Whether you’re seeking spiritual insight or the charm of old architecture, the Girnar Ropeway offers a memorable trip. Make sure to check the latest updates and guidelines to ensure your visit goes smoothly and is enjoyable.

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