Fun World Amusement Park: Rides and Tickets

Key Takeaways

  • Check ticket prices: Individual tickets cost 750 rupees for Fun World, 900 for Water World, and 1,200 for both.
  • Look at package deals for more attractions and multi-day passes.
  • Get discounts if you are a student, senior, or part of a group.
  • Buy tickets online before you go to avoid missing out during busy times and events.
  • Learn the park’s layout and emergency exits to plan a safe and smooth visit.

When planning a trip to Fun World Amusement Park, knowing about the different ticket options is crucial. You can choose from a single-day pass or a ticket that covers multiple days and parks. Each type has its benefits, depending on what you need and prefer. In our guide, we break down these choices, showing you how each one can save you money and help you enjoy your time at the park more. So, what ticket is best for your plan? Let’s find out.

Fun World Amusement Park & Water Park Attractions

fun world bangalore ticket price 2023

Roller coasters

At Fun World Amusement Park, the roller coasters are the main attraction for thrill-seekers. With its many twists and fast turns, the Loop Roller Coaster offers an intense ride that appeals to both thrill-seekers and roller coaster fans.

Because of its complex design and quick speed, each trip on the Loop Roller Coaster feels like a new adventure. Fun World’s high safety standards ensure that every exciting ride is safe. For those who want to test their limits and have a fun day, the roller coasters at Fun World are the perfect choice for both thrill and safety.

Water slides

Fun World Amusement Park isn’t just about fast roller coasters. It also has exciting water slides for everyone, whether seeking thrills or just wanting to cool off.

Located in Water World, these slides range from tall, fast drops to gentle, curving flumes suitable for a relaxed ride. Each slide meets top safety standards, ensuring a fun and safe experience for all ages.

The Aqua and Pendulum Slides are particularly popular, offering fast rides with unexpected twists. Don’t miss these slides when you visit Fun World Amusement Park.

Entertainment shows

fun world amusement park

The amusement park offers a variety of shows that appeal to everyone. Magic acts amaze, while lively dance performances entertain.

There are daily dance shows, featuring both local and international styles. Acrobatic acts add excitement, creating a visually thrilling experience. Live concerts with famous bands and solo artists enhance the park’s lively mood. During festivals and holidays, special themed shows ensure there’s always something new to see at Fun World Amusement Park.

Fun World Ticket Options & Tips

Package deals

Exploring package deals at Fun World Amusement Park gives visitors different ticket options to make their visit better. These packages are for everyone, from families wanting a fun day to thrill-seekers looking to ride every exciting ride. With a package, guests get access to many attractions like Fun World, Water World, and other entertainment areas in the park.

There are multi-day passes for visitors staying longer. These allow unlimited access to all rides and activities for several days. They are great for tourists who want to explore the park thoroughly without rushing.

Ticket prices and discounts

Ticket OptionPrice (₹)
Fun World (Individual)750
Water World (Individual)900
Fun World + Water World (Combo)1,200

Tips for a fun and safe visit

When planning your Fun World Amusement Park visit, choose weekdays to dodge big crowds and enjoy the rides more. Ensure your group follows all safety guidelines for the attractions.

Wear comfortable clothes and suitable shoes for easy walking. Bring necessities like water, sunscreen, and hats to stay calm and protected from the sun. Use the lockers provided to keep your belongings safe while you have fun. Upon arrival, get to know the park’s layout and where the emergency exits are to keep your visit smooth and secure.

Thrilling Rides for All Ages

Fun World Amusement Park has rides that make everyone’s heart race. With 50 rides split into four groups, there is something for every thrill seeker. Kids can scream with joy on about 15 kiddie rides designed just for them, while adults have around 10 high-speed roller coasters and adrenaline-packed attractions to choose from.

Many of these adult rides are okay for kids too if they ride with an adult. This makes family outings extra special because everyone can find a ride they love.

For those who love getting wet and wild, the Water Fun Park section does not disappoint. It boasts 28 slides ranging from gentle waves to daring drops, plus a big wave pool perfect for cooling off in summer.

Whether you’re sliding down a watery chute or riding the swells in the wave pool, water lovers of all ages will find their slice of paradise here at Fun World Amusement Park – where oceans of fun meet worlds of excitement!

Roller coasters

Roller coasters are the heart of any amusement park, including Fun World. They zip and zoom, taking riders on a thrilling journey high above the ground. These rides are great for both adults and kids who are tall enough to meet the ride’s height requirements.

With twists, turns, and sometimes loops, roller coasters give that adrenaline rush many people love.

A roller coaster is like a family adventure – it’s thrilling for all ages.

At Fun World Amusement Park, you might find yourself screaming in excitement on coasters similar to the famous Zambezi Zinger or splashing into water from great heights on some of their renowned water rides.

Each roller coaster offers a unique experience, making them a must-try for thrill-seekers and families looking for fun. Whether you’re paying with Visa or MasterCard, or booking your next visit with points from loyalty programs like Bonvoy – getting your tickets is easy.

So come discover why these adrenaline-pumping attractions continue to be among the most popular amusement park rides around the globe.

Thrill rides

Thrill rides at Fun World Amusement Park are a big part of the excitement. With about ten rides just for adults, there’s plenty to get your heart racing. Don’t worry if you have kids with you.

Many of these thrill machines are perfect for children too, as long as an adult is with them. From roller coasters that twist and turn through the air to crazy cars that zoom around tracks, and even virtual reality experiences that take you to another world, there’s something for everyone looking for a bit of an adrenaline rush.

The park divides its attractions into Dry Rides and Wet Rides, so whether you’re looking to stay cool in the water or prefer to stick to land-based adventures, you’re covered. Theme park fans will find worlds of fun across both sections with family rides that bring smiles all around.

Plus, if you’re visiting Bengaluru and staying at one of the hotels nearby, it’s easy to come by and enjoy everything on offer. Next up? Let’s splash into Water Fun Park – where water slides and pools await!

Kids’ rides

After the excitement of thrill rides, Fun World Amusement Park in Bengaluru offers a special area just for younger guests. This section features around fifteen rides labeled “Fun for Kids,” making it a perfect spot for family visits.

From gentle carousels to mini trains and playful airplane spins, these attractions are designed with kids’ joy and safety in mind. Each ride meets strict safety standards, ensuring every little visitor has a great time without any worries.

This kids’ zone is part of the larger park that boasts over 50 rides suitable for visitors of all ages. It reflects the park’s dedication to providing fun experiences for families, making sure there’s something delightful for everyone.

Whether it’s bouncing on frog jumps or steering through magical boat adventures, children can explore an array of exciting activities within this dedicated space. Here, laughter fills the air as young adventurers create lasting memories amidst colorful themes and imaginative settings at Bengaluru’s favorite amusement destination.

Water Fun Park

At the Water Fun Park in Bengaluru, you’ll find cool pools and slides that splash. This is where laughter and screams mix as people slide down watery paths or float on lazy rivers, making memories with every drop and wave.

Water rides

Water rides at Fun World Amusement Park in Bengaluru bring a splash of excitement. The park has a lazy river, perfect for those who wish to relax and float away from the thrill. It’s an ideal spot within this 22-acre land of fun.

Families enjoy floating together, taking in the sun and the gentle motion of the water.

Visitors have from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM to explore these watery adventures along with all that Fun World offers. With so much ground to cover, you’ll need about 3-4 hours to see it all but don’t rush; take your time enjoying each splash and slide.


1. What’s so special about Fun World Amusement Park rides in Bengaluru?

Well, the thing is, this park has a mix of everything. From heart-racing roller coasters to chill water slides, there’s something for everyone. It’s like they’ve packed all kinds of fun into one place.

2. Can little kids enjoy Fun World too?

Absolutely! There are plenty of rides designed just for them. Think smaller slides and merry-go-rounds that are perfect for the young ones. So, yes, families with kids can have a great time here.

3., Are there any water rides at Fun World?

Oh, you bet! The park boasts some cool water rides that make splashing around in the Bangalore heat super fun. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone – enjoying thrilling rides and beating the heat!

4., How safe are the rides at Fun World?

Safety first, right? The park takes this seriously by regularly checking and maintaining all their rides. Plus,, staff members are trained to ensure everyone stays safe while having fun.


The Ultimate Guide to Fun World Amusement Park Tickets clearly explains all the different ticket options. It includes discounts for certain groups, making it easier for more people to visit. This guide is an excellent tool for planning your Fun World and Water World trip, helping you get the most out of your visit.

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