Denny’s Breakfast Options: Menu With Prices

Key Takeaways

  • The Build Your Own Senior Grand Slam costs $7.99 at Denny’s, perfect for AARP members.
  • IHOP offers the 2 x 2 x 2 meal as a cost-effective breakfast choice.
  • Waffle House has the All-Star Special, which is accessible on the wallet.
  • Local diners usually have specials that won’t break the bank and will fill you up.
  • Denny’s Grand Slamwich, a bigger meal, is available for $13.19.

Breakfast is often called the most important meal of the day. Denny’s, a well-known American diner chain, serves breakfast all day and night. This is great for everyone—from those who get up early and want a healthy start, to those who stay up late and need something comforting to eat.

At Denny’s, the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. You can have your first meal of the day whenever you like, without worrying about usual breakfast times. This 24/7 availability makes things easier for all kinds of diners and shows how much Denny’s cares about making their customers happy.

Denny’s Breakfast Menu with Prices

Chicken Biscuit and Gravy Bowl1120-1340$12.19
Benny Breakfast (Southwestern)760-1370$11.99
Benny Breakfast (Classic)530-1140$11.29
Grand Slamwich1240-1630$13.19
Moons Over My Hammy1150-1540$11.99
Steak & Eggs (T-Bone)860-1770$19.29
Santa Fe Bowl850-1070$11.59
Steak and Eggs (Country Fried)760-1670$13.99

Signature Breakfast options

Signature Breakfast options

Denny’s signature breakfasts cater to all tastes, offering good value and variety. You can pick from hearty meals like the Grand Slamwich. It costs $13.19 and packs scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, ham, and cheese between potato bread.

Try the Classic Benny Breakfast for $11.29 if you prefer something lighter. It’s simple: eggs and ham. Or, for a bit of a kick, the Southwestern Benny for $11.99 comes with chorizo and pepper sauce. Each dish has quality ingredients and aims to start your day right.

55+ menu options for AARP members

AARP members, check out Denny’s breakfast menu. It has excellent prices and keeps your budget in mind. You don’t have to sacrifice variety or taste either. Here’s what you can find:

Item Calories Price

Senior Fit Fare Loaded Veggie Omelette330$8.49
Senior French Toast Slam420-560$7.99
Senior Country-Fried Steak670$9.49
Senior Omelette300-400$8.19
Build Your Own Senior Grand Slam110 per item$7.99

These prices make it easy to enjoy your meal without worrying about your wallet. Every dish is designed to be both delicious and affordable, helping you start your day right.

Gutbusters breakfast options

Gutbusters breakfast options

At Gutbusters, Denny’s menu offers big, hearty meals perfect for those with a big appetite. You get a lot of food for your money. One of the top items is the Grand Slamwich. It’s packed with scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, ham, and American cheese on potato bread. They grill it with a maple spice spread. It has between 1240 and 1630 calories and costs $13.19.

If you like something savory with a bit of a kick, try the Southwestern Benny Breakfast. It mixes eggs with chorizo, pepper sauce, and pico de gallo. This dish ranges from 760 to 1370 calories and is priced at $11.99. Both options ensure you start your day full and satisfied without skimping on flavor or size.

Other Affordable Breakfast Options

Similar breakfast deals

Denny’s is famous for its breakfasts, but there are other places where you can enjoy a good morning meal without spending a lot. For example, IHOP is known for its pancakes. They have a meal called the 2 x 2 x 2 that includes eggs, pancakes, and your choice of bacon or sausage, all at a reasonable price.

Waffle House is another spot where you can eat well on a budget. Their All-Star Special gives you a complete breakfast for a low cost. Local diners are also worth checking out. They often have daily specials that are both affordable and filling.


In short, Dennys offers a lot of breakfast options that are easy on the wallet, and you can get them any time you want. They have everything from the classic Grand Slam to the unique Benny Breakfast options. So, no matter what you’re in the mood for, or how much you want to spend, Dennys has you covered.

Since they’re open 24/7, it doesn’t matter if you’re up at dawn or out late; you can always get a good meal. Plus, the food is consistently good no matter which location you go to. To wrap it up, if you’re after affordable, delicious breakfasts, Denny’s is an excellent choice. Their menu has plenty of options, making it a solid pick for any mealtime.

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