Finding The Closest Railway Station To Salasar Balaji Temple

Key Takeaways

  • Sujangarh Railway Station is the closest, only 25 km from Salasar Balaji Temple.
  • It links to big cities like Jaipur and New Delhi.
  • Lakshmangarh Railway Station is also nearby, 32 km away.
  • Both stations help pilgrims travel and support local shops.
  • They make it easy for visitors to reach the temple.

Salasar Balaji Temple in Rajasthan is a crucial spiritual site. It sits in Churu district and honors Lord Hanuman, also called Balaji, a significant figure in Hindu belief.

The temple is known for its distinct rituals and the common belief that Lord Hanuman grants worshippers’ prayers.

Thousands of visitors flock to the temple each year, particularly during the Hanuman Jayanti and Chaitra Purnima festivals, when it bursts with color and celebration.

The temple’s rich history, stunning architecture, and spiritual atmosphere make it an essential place for prayer and reflection.

Salasar Balaji Temple

Nearest Railway Stations to Salasar Balaji

When you plan to visit Salasar Balaji Temple, consider the nearest train stations for an easy trip. Sujangarh Railway Station is the closest, only 25 kilometers away.

You can also use Lakshmangarh Railway Station, 32 kilometers away, or Sikar Railway Station, 55 kilometers away. Both have good connections to major cities.

Railway Stations to Salasar Balaji

Sujangarh Railway Station (25 km)

Sujangarh Railway Station is about 25 kilometers from Salasar Balaji. It is the nearest train station to this important religious site.

The station is crucial for devotees traveling to the temple, especially those coming from big cities. It connects well with major cities like Jaipur and New Delhi through regular train services.

This connection helps the local economy and makes the pilgrims’ journey more accessible and more reliable. The station is well-maintained to handle the high number of visitors, making sure they have a smooth transition from their train ride to visiting Salasar Balaji.

Sujan garh railway station

Lakshmangarh Railway Station (32 km)

Lakshmangarh Railway Station, about 32 kilometers from Salasar Balaji, provides another good train connection. This station is helpful for travelers coming from places that don’t directly connect to Sujangarh. It makes getting to Salasar Balaji easier, offering more travel options.

You can easily catch a bus or taxi from Lakshmangarh Station to the temple. This station is essential for pilgrims and helps local business and travel.

Lakshmangarh Railway Station

Sikar Railway Station (55 km)

Sikar Railway Station is 55 kilometers from Salasar Balaji. It’s a key hub for those visiting the famous temple. The station is part of the North Western Railway zone and links the area to major cities like Jaipur, Delhi, and Bikaner.

It provides several daily trains that make it easy for pilgrims and tourists to reach Salasar Balaji Temple. Sikar Station has basics like waiting rooms, food stalls, and taxi services, making it a good starting point for the trip to the temple.

Sikar Railway Station

Other Ways to Reach Salasar Balaji

Besides taking a train, you can also get to Salasar Balaji by air or road.

If you fly, the nearest airport is in Jaipur. From there, you can drive to Salasar Balaji.

The area is also easy to reach by car from big cities like Delhi and Jaipur, thanks to good highways.

By air

To get to Salasar Balaji by air, fly to Jaipur International Airport. This airport, about 183.7 kilometers from the temple, connects to major cities in India and some places abroad.

Once you land in Jaipur, you have various travel options to reach the temple. Since Jaipur to Salasar Balaji is a popular route, planning your trip early is wise, especially if you’re visiting during busy festival times. Many people see the temple during these periods, so planning ahead helps avoid travel issues.

By road

Traveling to Salasar Balaji by road is straightforward and scenic, especially from major cities like Delhi and Jaipur.

It’s about a 315.4 km drive from Delhi, taking roughly 6 hours and 43 minutes via Gurgaon on well-kept toll roads. You can also take a slightly shorter route through Rewari.

The temple is around 170.4 km away from Jaipur, about a 3-hour drive on good roads through NH-11 and NH-65. Both routes offer a beautiful view of Rajasthan’s landscapes, adding to the enjoyment of the journey.


Visiting Salasar Balaji provides a profoundly spiritual experience, easily accessible by good road and rail links. Whether coming from nearby or far away, getting there is straightforward. Here are some key highlights:

  1. Spiritual Peace: Find deep peace and spiritual comfort as you enter the sacred temple.
  2. Cultural Experience: Dive into this holy place’s rich culture and traditions.
  3. Beautiful Views: Enjoy the stunning landscapes and scenic views on your way to Salasar Balaji.
  4. Divine Connection: Feel a stronger bond with the divine as you listen to the chants and prayers in the temple.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Wheelchair Accessibility Options at Salasar Balaji?

Salasar Balaji Temple has some wheelchair access with ramps in certain areas. It’s best to contact the temple management before your visit to confirm specific arrangements and available help.

Can I Find Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Nearby?

You can find more electric vehicle charging stations in cities and popular tourist spots. Use maps or apps to see if there’s one near where you’re going.

Are There Guided Tours Available for Salasar Balaji Temple?

Guided tours are available at Salasar Balaji Temple. They provide a deep look into the temple’s history and importance, making the visit more informative and spiritually rewarding for both devotees and tourists.

What Are the Options for Overnight Parking Near the Temple?

You can park overnight near the temple in specific spots controlled by the local government. These areas are safe and easy to reach. Make sure to check if there’s space and find out the cost when you get there.

Is There a Dress Code Required for Entering Salasar Balaji Temple?

Salasar Balaji Temple does not enforce a strict dress code. However, visitors should wear modest clothes to show respect for the temple’s religious and cultural setting.

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