Ambaji Temple Gujarat: Darshan Timings, Puja & History

Key Takeaways

  • Ambaji Temple in Gujarat is a key Hindu pilgrimage site devoted to the goddess Amba.
  • The temple features a sacred gold-plated Shree Yantra instead of idols.
  • Daily darshan and pujas are from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM, including Mangala Aarti and evening Aarti.
  • Special pujas like Lakshmi Havan, Chandi Yagya, and Durga Saptashati are conducted for spiritual benefits.
  • The temple is especially busy during the Navratri festival, attracting large numbers of devotees.
  • Planning your visit, including darshan times and lodging options, enhances the spiritual experience.

This introduction covers the main features of Ambaji Temple, such as visiting hours, worship practices, and lodging options for travelers. The temple becomes lively during the Navratri festival when devotees gather in large numbers.

Located in Gujarat, the Ambaji Temple is a crucial Hindu pilgrimage site devoted to the goddess Amba. Set in the Aravalli ranges near the Rajasthan border, it draws millions of followers yearly. They come to receive blessings from Amba, seen as a form of the Divine Mother, Shakti. Uniquely, the temple has no idols but features a sacred gold-plated Shree Yantra, representing the goddess. Ambaji Temple is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas, marking its importance in Hindu mythology.

Darshan Timings and Puja in Ambaji Temple

Ambaji Temple Darshan Timings, Puja And Accommodation

The Ambaji Temple follows a set schedule for daily darshan and various pujas. This helps visitors plan their trips. The temple plans these events carefully to handle the number of visitors and keep the rituals sacred.

Daily timings for Darshan and Pujas

Visitors can attend daily darshan and pujas at Ambaji Temple from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM. The temple provides a calm place for worship all day and can host many people.

The day starts with Mangala Aarti in the morning, which is important for blessings for the day. After this, the temple allows continuous viewing of the sacred deity. The day ends with an Aarti after sunset, which fills the space with lamplight and chanting. The temple is often busier on weekends and holidays. To avoid long lines and have an excellent spiritual visit, it’s best to come early.

Special Pujas like Lakshmi Havan, Chandi Yagya, Durga Saptashati

Ambaji Temple holds special pujas like Lakshmi Havan, Chandi Yagya, and Durga Saptashati. These rituals are essential for devotees looking for spiritual blessings and help from the divine.

Special Pujas like Lakshmi Havan, Chandi Yagya, Durga Saptashati

Each ritual is done with deep respect and is believed to bring different benefits. Lakshmi Havan helps those looking for wealth, Chandi Yagya offers protection and helps overcome challenges, and Durga Saptashati, which involves powerful readings dedicated to Goddess Durga, provides strength and power. If you’re interested in these pujas, check the temple’s schedule to plan your visit for these critical events.


In conclusion, planning your trip to Ambaji Temple helps make your visit better. Know the darshan times, puja schedules, and where you can stay. This knowledge lets you join in special rituals and get the most out of your spiritual journey.

Choose to stay close to the temple or nearby, depending on what you prefer and can afford. Every detail matters for a smooth trip, letting you focus on the spiritual experience. A well-planned visit to Ambaji Temple can deeply enrich your life.

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