Tour of Nilgiris Dec 16 – 23 2013

Tour-of-NilgirisTfN 2013 is an 8 day tour with 7 days of riding.

The 2013 TfN will feature one competitive course per day except for the one day of the tour. 70% of the tour is non competitive. A typical TfN stage is 100-160kms. The competitive course will be 25-40k rides-over a flat or rolling terrain. One day of the tour will feature a pure climbing course. The competitive course is more or less only an hour of riding for an average cyclist.

There will be no mass starts. The competitive section will never begin at the start of the day. The competitive sections will be held between two time stations during the day. The course time will be noted only between these 2 time stations and shall be announced each evening to all riders who complete the day stage. The rest of the day stage is a free ride. The results of each competitive section and the accumulated time for the 6 days will be summarized at the end of the tour. To be included in the final results at the end of the tour, the cyclist must finish all days of riding.

To be eligible for the leader board the cyclist must finish the day ride inside the time allocated towards the end od the day. Typically the time allocated is 10-11 hours to complete the day. It should allow enough time for cyclists to rest at the stations and also spend time enjoying the beauty of the Nilgiris. In case the cyclist is not able to finish the day due to injury or bike mechanical problems, he/she will still be allowed to stay on the competitive leader board but will be subject to a time penalty to be specified later. In case the cyclist does not finish the day for other reasons, the cyslist will not be eligible for the leader board but can stay and still ride the entire tour.

There will be separate categories for Men and Women.

The cyclist can ride the competitive sections as a group or as an individual. Drafting vehicles or support vehicles will not be tolerated and will be subject to disqualification. Every traffic rule must be obeyed at all times. Failure to do so will result in expulsion from the tour and no refunds will be made.


The Tour of Nilgiris reserves the right to alter the conditions of any stage, if necessary, in the interest of safety or when otherwise appropriate to successfully carry out the event.
Organisers will not be liable for accidents or damages sustained by cyclists before, during and after the event.

For the safety of our cyclists, motor vehicles of riders or families will not be allowed to trail cyclists during the competitive sections. Families are welcome to meet the cyclists at time/support stations. Those causing harm or risking fellow cyclists will be expelled from the tour with no refund.

Organizers are not responsible for any personal belongings like Laptops (personal / official) or any equivalent devices, cameras & lenses, GPS devices, jewelery, cash etc present in your luggage transported by the truck.

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