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Lips Tips


Lips Tips


To neaten up the lip line or to fill in to darken a bit, grab either a an eye or lip pencil in the right color. If you rather use lipstick, dot a bit of liquid powder or loose powder on lips first, then apply color in the middle of the mouth and blend outwards...then apply your pencil. Your pencil will keep it on better than if you apply it last. Then take a Kleenex and press a layer over your lips with the mouth closed. You should get a great lip kiss on your Kleenex. This is the key to lips staying on; because it's the 'excess' that will bleed and come off. If you use lip gloss, apply on the middle of the mouth then "kiss", and dot on the middle of both lips. You can also apply on the cheekbones as a highlighter. Try the eyebrow bone for a nice shimmer. You can try a shimmer gold lip-gloss for evening. If lip-gloss too shiny for you, use your chopstick instead.

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