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Bheemeshwari is a best place for team outing in Bangalore, where the pleasant green mountains & clouds in the sky & the rivers are located. The lush forest sheltered by steep valleys and scattered by little streams, invites large groups of animals and birds. It is ideal not only for the Indian Wildlife lovers but also for people on a holiday spree.

We take you to a forest campsite located right beside the Cauvery river in the middle of the forests. The location is extremely serene and makes one feel amidst nature.

The experience becomes amazingly thrilling when our adventure experts tie you to the ropes and make you do activities such as umaring and high rope traversing (crossing the river on ropes) around Bheemeshwari resorts. Bheemeshwari trekking in the forest is another fun activity!. Bheemeshwari is the best place to trekking in Bangalore


7:00 AM Departure from Bangalore as per the mutually decided pick up points.

09:30 AM: Arrival at campsite. Freshen-up and have Breakfast. After Breakfast, Facilitator will give a brief to gathering and then divide them in to sub groups. To add to the excitement participants can be dressed in Jungle theme and the entire program could be made to revolve around a theme also. Teams need to come out with whacky names and their teamís war dance & song.

We will start the day with High Rope Traversing after the briefing by the Facilitator. This will be followed by the Jumaring, which is an adventurous activity. Back to campsite for Lunch.

1:30 PM to 02:30 PM: Lunch Break.

After Lunch, the facilitator will divide the groups in to teams and with a small briefing; we will start with the team games in the campsite itself and will be as per the theme chosen.

5:00 PM: We break for tea & snacks and then depart back to Bangalore.

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