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Bandipur a Project Tiger Reserve, one of 30 such reserves across India for Project Tiger, a scheme launched in 1973 by the Government of India, to save the tiger and its habitat.


The campus is dotted with medicinal and ornamental plants and the panoramic view of the surrounding hillocks instills the naturalist in you.


The major attraction of wildlife expeditions into the Bandipur National Park. The trips are slated for the best periods of wildlife sighting, i.e. at the daybreak and in the evening. One of them will be a ride in a jeep and in the other guests are taken for a trek guided by a conversant and experienced naturalist who will initiate you to the mysterious landscapes of nature. For those who want an arduous workout, there is no greater challenge than hiking the heights of Gopalswamy Betta or down the slopes of the Moyar Gorge. Bird watching, wildlife viewing and photography can have no better opportunity than a walk on this treasure trove of natural features


Even though Bandipur is a preferred tourist destination the year round, the summer season from March to May is most appropriate for wildlife sighting as the forest is dry and visibility is high. During these months, the animals usually congregate near the limited waterholes and the heat forces even the rare animals out of their concealment. But for bird watchers, the winter months of November to January is also important, as the southern states receive a large number of migratory birds from the North, especially Himalayas. For trekking, the post-monsoon months before the hard summer are most suitable.


Bandipur opens before you a plethora of wildlife, which fascinates your imagination and educates about the need for biological conservation. Bandipur forests with its deciduous habitat is the ideal spot for viewing animals like elephant, gaur, wild boar, sambhar, spotted deer or wild dogs and there is always the bonus of sighting the elusive predators like tiger or leopard.


Motorable roads connect Bandipur to Bangalore 220 km via Mysore, which is 80 km away. It is 170 km away from Coimbatore and 80 km from Ooty.

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